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      Guangzhou East Plastic petroleum

      Case characteristics:
      The vast majority of industries are rock solid, rising in the East and shaping the future. Thirty years of spring and autumn fruits, thirty years of chopping thorns, the original Guangzhou Petroleum Machinery Factory in Guangdong Province, thick accumulation of thin hair, approved by the relevant st...
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      • Case introduction
      Enterprise introduction
      The vast majority of industries are rock solid, rising in the East and shaping the future. In May 2011, the company was formally renamed Guangzhou Dongsu Petroleum Drilling and Production Equipment Co., Ltd. As one of the earliest professional producers of ground BOP control devices in China, since the early 1980s, the company has devoted itself to the development, design and development of ground BOP control devices and pneumatic pressure test benches and other oil and gas exploration drilling safety equipment and high pressure testing equipment and special spare parts.

      Cooperative content
      Technical documents related to CNC CNC machining center, high precision grinder, CNC lathe, gas shielded welding and other excellent professional processing equipment.

      Summary of cooperation
      The company is working in many languages such as English, Russian, French, Arabic and other languages. Translation is timely, accurate and highly recognized by foreign colleagues. From 2018, more languages will be involved.
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      Type of translation: Guangzhou East Plastic petroleum

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