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          Welcome to Masterbrand translated Hing's official website!

          Service Items

          Enterprise Vision video production

          enterprise Video production

          In short, enterprise publicity is a feature film that introduces the main business, products, enterprise size and human history of private enterprises. Realizing enterprise strength display, shaping corporate image and promoting brand communication

          The traditional enterprise propaganda film uniform dissemination way gradually starts to let the human appear the esthetic fatigue, how lets the enterprise idea and the enterprise culture can excavate deeply, lets the enterprise propaganda film display element rely on the enterprise culture essence above, or through the story form, or through the three-dimensional intersection form carries on to the enterprise image Propaganda and dissemination at the strategic level. At the same time, it is also to highlight the unique style and appearance of the enterprise, highlight the strength of the enterprise, so that people from different levels of society have a positive and good impression on the enterprise, so as to establish a good feeling and trust in the enterprise, and trust in the products or services of the enterprise.
          Masterbrand Translator Co., Ltd. has developed resources in this field, which can solve the problem of one-stop multi-lingual video production for you.

          Video production process

          • Promotional film planning

          • Video commentary

          • Video filming

          • Dub clip

          • Post-production

          • Video promotion

          Our advantage

          • Creative

            New creative design,
            to provide customers with a complete film and television promotion program.

          • service

            One stop video production service

          • Resources

            Multi class film production experience,
            and a full range of film and television production resources.

          Online consultation, enjoy concessions

          And match professional solutions

          Online consultation channel

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